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ISP-PRO Version 3 - Release version
Download Type Manufacturer Release Date Version File Type File Size
Software Equinox Technologies 24/06/2009 3.0.1095 Compressed File (*.zip) 9.0MB
Short Description ISP-PRO Version 3 - Installation
File Name
Windows Versions supported      
Windows 2000
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT4
Windows XP

Long Description:

ISP-PRO Version 3.0 - Release - Build 1095


Software Title: ISP-PRO Version 3

Version: 3.0 build 1095

Release date: 23rd June 2009


Supported Programmers


ISP-PRO Version 3 supports the following Equinox programmers:

q       Epsilon5

q       Epsilon5 MK3

q       FS2000A

q       FS2003

q       FS2009

q       PPM3 MK2

q       PPM4-MK1

q       ISPnano


Please note:

The PRO101 and PPM3 MK1 programmers are NOT supported by ISP-PRO Version 3.xx.

Please use ISP-PRO Version 2.xx and EQTools V1.xx for these programmers.


A license upgrade per programmer is required in order to execute ISP-PRO.

Please contact for product information and pricing.



Software versions


This release of ISP-PRO contains the following software application versions:

  • ISP-PRO V3.0 build 1095
  • Upload Wizard V2.1.0 build 1092
  • ADO Explorer build 722



New Programmer Firmware required for this ISP-PRO release


This release of ISP-PRO requires firmware 5.00 or greater to be loaded into the attached programmer(s).


Firmware upgrade instructions:

You can upgrade your programmer firmware by uploading the relevant ‘Firmware Upgrade Project Collection File’ (*.ppc) using EQTools / Upload Wizard. For detailed Firmware Upgrade instructions, please see Application Note AN112.



New Features / Functionality


New features in Build 1095….


1. Various cosmetic changes


New features in Build 1092….


1. Additional diagnostics are now logged to the database

When an AUTOPROGRAM project is executed, additional diagnostic data is now written back to the database. This additional data includes the “Measured Target Current” and the “Measured Target Voltage”.


2. Additional communications debugging

The communications debugging has been improved in this version to better represent commands send from and received by ISP-PRO. This should help to better diagnose programming problems in multi-channel systems.


New features in Build 1087….


1. Boot up network scan is now much faster

When ISP-PRO is initially launched, it scans the RS485 network looking for all attached programmers. This scan process has now been speeded up so launching ISP-PRO on a multi-channel system should now be much faster.


1. Multiple programmer re-tries disabled

When ISP-PRO scans each programmer it was re-trying up to 3 times if it failed to get a response. The re-try mechanism has now been changed and it will only re-try once. This should speed up the scanning of multi-channel networks.



New features in Build 1084….


1. Programmer Status display messages updated

Many of the ‘Programmer Status messages’ have been updated to make it clearer what state a programmer is in.


2. AT91SAM7 – Signature Check

In previous versions of ISP-PRO, if the Signature Check of an AT91SAM7 device failed, then it would report ‘Failed to enter programming mode’. This has now been changed to report ‘Incorrect signature’.



New features in Build 1077….


1. Setup screen supports selection of one script for all channels

The latest version of ISP-PRO now supports selection of a single ‘Programming Script File’ (*.esf) for all programming channels. A single *.esf file can be selected by clicking the buttons and then selecting a single file. This *.esf file is then automatically set for all selected channels.



New features in Build 1072….


1. ISP-PRO now supports up to 32 programmers

The latest version of ISP-PRO now supports controlling of up to 32 programmers from a single session of ISP-PRO. It is possible to network up to 32 x PPM4-MK1 or ISPnano programmers via RS485 to a single COM port. Each programmer must have a unique ‘Node Address’ in the range of 0 to 31.


2. Enhanced diagnostics

The latest version of ISP-PRO now supports enhanced diagnostics for Atmel AT91SAM7 microcontrollers. If a device fails to program for any reason a comprehensive set of diagnostics is written to the database. This should make diagnosis of any programming problems much simpler.



New features in Build 1008….


1. Upload Wizard is now integrated into ISP-PRO

  • The ‘Upload Wizard’ utility is now automatically installed within the main ISP-PRO installation.
  • This utility supports uploading of Programming Projects to any attached Equinox Programmer(s).
  • It is now no longer necessary to shell back to EQTools to upload projects so EQTools need not be installed on the PC running ISP-PRO.


2. Upload Wizard automatically selects correct Project Collection to upload

  • When a Programming Script (*.esf) is selected, the ISP-PRO / Upload Wizard will automatically prompt for the relevant Project Collection (*.ppc) and Programming Projects to upload to the programmer.
  • This helps to automate the process of changing scripts in production as an operator is now told which projects to upload to the programmer.


3. New ‘Fast Mode’ in Upload Wizard

The latest version of Upload Wizard now supports automatically changing the baud rate to a faster speed during the project upload process. This can speed up project uploading significantly.


4. Enhanced Error messages in Production Mode

  • If an error occurs in ‘Production Mode’, the error message is now displayed on the screen underneath the relevant channel icon.
  • The full error message can also be viewed by hovering over the truncated error message.


5. Reading / Validating of the ‘JTAG ID’ support

  • It is now possible to read the 4-byte ‘JTAG ID’ from any Atmel AVR or generic JTAG device.
  • This version of ISP-Pro supports reading / validating of the JTAG ID both in a Script and in a Standalone Project.
  • This feature must be enabled in the Script / Project.
  • If the ‘Silicon Revision’ is to be ignored then simply set the first digit of the hex JTAG ID to 0x0.
  • The JTAG ID is written to the ‘Signature’ field in the Interface Database.


6. Programming of Atmel 24Cxxx Serial EEPROM devices is now supported

  • This version introduces the ability to program Atmel 24Cxxx Serial EEPROM devices.



7. Independent validation of EEPROM Read parameters

New functionality has been added in ISP-PRO build 1008 to allow EEPROM parameters to be read back from a Target IC, stored in the database and then independently validated to make sure the parameter is within specified limits.


The parameter validation can now be performed AFTER all the EEPROM parameters have been read back from the Target IC and stored in the database. This means that if one of the parameter validations fails because the value is not in limits, the script will still have written all the parameters to the database.


8. Enhanced COM port and handling

The COM port handling has been improved in build 1008 to handle possible exception errors which could be generated by unplugging ‘USB to Serial Convertor’ cables during the normal operation of ISP-PRO.


A new ‘Scan port’ function has also been added which scans the available COM ports on the PC.



Upgrading from ISP-PRO Version 2.xx



***************** Important Notes *****************


1. ISP-PRO Version 3.xx is NOT backwards compatible with Version 2.xx

q       Any existing projects or scripts compiled under EQTools Version 1 will NOT execute under ISP-PRO Version 3.xx.

q       Please back up any project files compiled under Version 1 before installing Version 3.


2. ISP-PRO Version 2 and 3 can be installed on the same PC

It is possible to run both versions of EQTools on the same but not at the same time.

This is possible by installing each version in a different directory.


ISP-PRO Version 2.x.x – c:\program files\ISPPRO

ISP-PRO Version 3.x.x – c:\program files\ISPPRO_V3


Please note:

q       The ISP-PRO entry in the registry will always point to the last installed version i.e. Version 3.

q       To run Version 2, browse to c:\program files\ISPPRO and double-click the icon.



3. ISP-PRO Version 3.x requires programmer firmware version 2.xx


ISP-PRO V3.x will NOT work with programmer firmware V1.xx so if you wish to run both versions of EQTools you would really need to have two programmers, one with V1.xx firmware and one with V2.xx firmware.



Software Installation Instructions


1. Back up any projects, scripts etc. from your previous version of ISP-PRO


2. Back up your Interface Database if you wish to retain the data in the database after the installation. The database can be found in \program files\equinox\db.


2. Uninstall the previous version of ISP-PRO


3. Unzip the ISP-PRO installation program and then double-click on it to run the install.

q       Follow all the on-screen instructions

q       If you wish to perform a full installation including the installation of the latest blank Interface Database,

q       If you wish to install the ISP-Pro application without installing the new database, select on the screen.

q       If you wish to choose which components to install, select on the screen.

q       Once the installation is complete, select
--> ISP-PRO will launch

q       Select and check that you are running the correct version.


Upgrading your Programmer Firmware


ISP-PRO Version 3.xx requires that your programmer is running version 2.xx firmware where .xx is the current build within version 2 of the firmware. The current versions of programmer firmware are detailed below:


Programmer Firmware


- Epsilon5   2.41

- FS2000A    2.42

- FS2003 2.41

- PPM3 MK1   Not supported

- PPM3 MK2   2.35



To upgrade your programmer firmware:


q       Download the latest version of 'Configit - Firmware Update Utility' from the Equinox web site.

q       Unzip the Configit utility to your hard disk

q       Follow the relevant instructions for your programmer to update your programmer firmware.



Contacting Equinox


If you have any questions and require technical support for this product, please e-mail the Equinox Technical Support Department at:


Please note:

If you are currently logged in to your Equinox Account, you can view your Customer Home Page by clicking on the 'My Account' link at the top of the browser window.

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