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Micro-Pro for Windows
Download Type Manufacturer Release Date Version File Type File Size
Software Equinox Technologies 03/06/2003 23:00:00 1.44 Compressed File (*.zip) 502Kb
Short Description PC Driver Software for Equinox Micro-Pro PLUS programmer. Also compatible with Micro-Pro programmer.
File Name
Windows Versions supported      
Windows 3.xx
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME

Long Description:

Please note:

The Micro-Pro Software is NOT compatible with Windows 2000, NT or XP. Equinox apologise for this problem which is due to the parallel port nature of the product.

The only way to run the Micro-Pro software on Windows 2000, NT or XP is to use a so-called 'Windows Simulator' package such as 'Winsim'.

Micro-Pro Programmer - Release Notes
Date: 4th June 2003
Version: 1.44

New Device Support

1. Atmel AT89C2051x2
- Programmers: Micro-Pro PLUS
- Programming Mode: Parallel Mode (in ZIF socket)


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