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EQTools Version 1 (PRO101 Programmer Only)
Download Type Manufacturer Release Date Version File Type File Size
Software Equinox Technologies 15/06/2002 23:00:00 V1-5-0 build 208 Compressed File (*.zip) 3.2MB
Short Description Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Equinox Programmers Must be used with firmware V1.xx.
File Name
Windows Versions supported      
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT4
Windows XP

Long Description:

Please Note:
EQTools Version 1 is only compatible with programmer firmware version 1.xx. In order to run EQTools Version 1, please make sure your programmer firmware is version 1.xx.

EQTools Version 1 should be now only be used for the Equinox PRO101 programmer. Please upgrade to EQTools Version 2 and firmware Version 2.xx (using Configit) for all other programmers.

Projects compiled using EQTools V1 are NOT compatible with EQTools V2 and vice-versa. This means that all existing projects will have to be recreated using EQTools Version 2 before uploading to a programmer running V2.xx firmware.



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