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newEpsilon5 MK3 Programmer - Firmware Upgrade Version 5.36
Download Type Manufacturer Release Date Version File Type File Size
Firmware Equinox Technologies 06/06/2011 5.36 Compressed File (*.zip) 45kb
Short Description This is a Firmware Upgrade Project for an Epsilon5 MK3 programmer which upgrades the firmware to version 5.36.
File Name

Long Description:

This is a 'Firmware Upgrade Project' for the Equinox EPSILON5 MK3 programmer.

Programmer: EPSILON5 MK3
Upgrade to firmware version: 5.36
Release date: 6th June 2011

New features in this version:

  • Firmware now supports the full 512kb of FLASH Storage available on the EPSILON5 MK3 programmer (earlier firmware versions only supported 256 kBytes)

Algorithms supported in this version:

  • Atmel AVR - SPI interface
  • Atmel AVR - JTAG interface
  • Atmel AT89C51Rxx - 8051 UART programmable devices
  • Atmel AT91SAM7 - JTAG interface
  • Atmel AT89Sxxxxx - SPI interface
  • NXP - 89C51Rxx - 8051 UART programmable devices
  • Zensys ZWxxx Series - SPI interface
  • All silicon vendors - generic 24xxx I2C serial EEPROM memories

Problem corrections:

1. AVR Fuse Write / Verify did not work in standalone mode
The Fuse Write / Verify operation for Atmel AVR devices did not work in standalone mode in firmware 5.34. This problem is fixed in firmware 5.36.

2. AVR Calibration Byte problem in standalone mode
If the 'AVR Calibration Byte' was set to be programmed into the FLASH in standalone mode, the 'Calibration Byte' would be written to the wrong address. This problem is fixed in firmware 5.36.

Firmware installation instructions:

  • Unzip the attached *.PPC file
  • Check which version of the Epsilon5 programmer you have by selecting .
  • Use EQTools or Upload Wizard to upload the correct 'Firmware upgrade PPC file' to the programmer.
  • The programmer will then automatically re-flash its firmware.

Further help:

For further help with upgrading your programmer firmware, please refer to Application Note AN112. 


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