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Error Message Descriptions for Equinox ISP Programmers (EQTools Version2)
Download Type Manufacturer Release Date Version File Type File Size
Manuals Equinox Technologies 25/01/2008 1.10 Datasheet (*.pdf) 950 kb
Short Description This document lists all the possible Error Messages which can be generated from the Equinox range of ISP programmers.
File Name Programmer_Error_Messages_V110_250108.pdf

Long Description:

Error Message Descriptions

1.1 Overview

This document provides a description of all the possible ‘Error Codes’ and related diagnostic information which the various Equinox programmers are capable of producing. The level of error message reporting is a factor of the method by which the programmer is being controlled. If the Equinox ISP-PRO software is utilised, then every single programming iteration is logged to a so-called ‘Interface Database’. The recorded information includes Pass/Fail, Error code along with full diagnostics data if available. If the programmer is controlled using ‘ASCII Text Communications’ then only the error code is returned and there is no logging of this data.


1.2 Supported Programmers

This document is applicable to the Equinox programmers detailed below.



Programmer type

Programmer Description



Low-cost Portable Field ISP Programmer



EPSILON5 – Portable ISP Programmer


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