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ISPnano - Atmel AT45D Serial DataFLASH ISP -  Device Library

This 'Device Library' adds In-System Programming (ISP) support for the Atmel AT45D family of Serial DataFLASH devices.


Main features

  • High-speed In-system Programming of all Atmel AT45D Serial DataFLASH memory devices
  • Fastest possible programming times due to local data storage of 'Target AT45D Programming Image'
  • Support for both 264 / 528 / 1056 byte and also 256 / 512 / 1024 (Power of 2) FLASH Page sizes
  • Support for programming the 'Power-of-2' FLASH Page Configuration Fuse
  • Supports both fast 'Chip Erase' and also 'Erase page before write' algorithm
  • Supports all AT45D silicon revisions from 'A' to 'D' using separately selectable devices
  • Supports resetting of target AT45D device to recover from any error state during programming
  • Supports programming from a 'Standalone Project' which contains the entire data image of the target AT45DB device.
  • Supports programming from a Binary / S-RECORD / Hex file stored on a PC
  • Supports programming of unique data such as calibration data, serial numbers etc into specified ranges in the FLASH.
  • to minimise the opverall device programming time, it is possible to program non-contiguous blocks / sectors of the FLASH using 'Chained Projects'
  • AT45D Serial DataFLASH algorithm available on ISPnano Series 3, ISPnano Series 3 ATE, ISPnano Series 4, ISPnano-MUX 2/4/8 and ISPjuno programmers
  • ISPnano-MUX2 programmer is capable of programming a microcontroller and then a AT45DB device sequentially on the same Target Board
  • All target I/O lines are fully ESD and over-voltage protected

AT45DB - Programming Interface Overview

The programming interface comprises a 3-wire SPI bus (MOSI, MISO, SCK) and an SPI Chip Select signal. This allows multiple SPI devices to use the same SPI bus.


Signal Name

Signal description

Signal direction
(from Programmer)

Target AT45Dxxx

Pin name


Master OUT, Slave In




Master IN, Slave OUT




Serial Clock




SDF - Reset




SDF - Chip Select



Not connected

SDF Write Protect

Not connected


Programmer support


The following Equinox programmers support programming of the Atmel AT45DB Serial DataFLASH memory devices via the 4-wire SPI interface:

Device Support List

Atmel Corporation
LVISP - Low Voltage SPI - Serial Programming Algorithm:
AT45DB - Serial DataFLASH memories:
AT45DB011, AT45DB011B, AT45DB011D, AT45DB021A, AT45DB021B, AT45DB021D, AT45DB041A, AT45DB041B, AT45DB041D, AT45DB081A, AT45DB081B, AT45DB081D, AT45DB161, AT45DB161D, AT45DB321, AT45DB321B, AT45DB321C, AT45DB321D, AT45DB642, AT45DB642B, AT45DB642D

AT45DC - Serial DataFLASH Cards:

AT45DCB002, AT45DCB002D, AT45DCB004, AT45DCB004C, AT45DCB004D, AT45DCB008, AT45DCB008D


Device Support (by family)

This product supports devices from the families listed below:
Atmel (Microchip):
  • AT45DB - Serial DataFLASH memories
  • AT45DC - Serial DataFLASH Cards


Please note:
Not all devices may be supported within a family.
Please see the Detailed Device Support List for a list of all devices which the product supports.


For further information about related products, please see the Overview Product.

Product Information
Product:  ISPnano - Atmel AT45D Serial DataFLASH ISP - Device Library
Manufacturer:  Equinox Technologies
Order Code:  ISPnano-UPG21
Availability:  997 in stock
Price:   275.00 (GBP)
 [Excl. VAT]
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Device Support
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