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Sollae CIE-H14 - 4 Ports Remote I/O Controller


The CIE-H14 is a remote I/O controller which can monitor digital inputs and and control digital output remotely over the Internet. CIE-H14 has various methods for I/O control such as HTTP, Modbus/TCP therefore can be used for various applications.



Product Features
  • Remote I/O controller
  • RS232 to Ethernet converter
  • 4 digital input ports (photo-coupler interface)
  • 4 digital output ports (relay interface)
  • Monitoring and surveillance over the HTTP
  • Available to upload user web pages
  • E-mail alarm to notify ports status change
  • Separator settings for packet fragmentation
  • DC8.5V ~ 38V (polarity auto detection)
  • Support of control of simple logic formula (available to operate autonomously)
  • Security Functions (IP filtering, password)
  • Support of DHCP, PPPoE (available for various dynamic IP environments)
  • Multiple check functions of communication conditions (ezManager, TELNET)
  • Easy access by host name (DNS)
  • Available as a server by using the host name in the dynamic IP environment (DDNS)
  • Support of the easy-to-use environment setting program for PC (ezManager)
  • Support of the Modbus/TCP program for integrated management of I/O equipment new
  • Firmware-upgrading function over the LAN
  • Environmentally-friendly RoHS compliant

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Sollae CIE-H14 - 4 Ports Remote I/O Controller
The CIE-H14 is an Ethernet remote I/O controller that has 4 photo coupler input ports and 4 relay output ports for sensors and actuators to monitor and control.
Manufacturer:  Sollae Systems
Order Code:  SOL-CIE-H14
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Product Information
Product:  Sollae CIE-H14 - 4 Ports Remote I/O Controller
Manufacturer:  Sollae Systems
Order Code:  SOL-CIE-H14
Availability:  5 in stock
Price:   120.00 (GBP)
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15 March 2008:
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