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RS232 to RS-485 - Isolated Communications Converter Module


The RS-232 to RS-485 Convertor module converts RS-232 levels from a PC COM port to RS-485 levels suitable for interfacing with the Equinox PPM3-MK2 and PPM4-MK1 Production ISP programmers. The module provides an optical isolation barrier between the PC COM port and the RS-485 bus which serves to protect the PC from ESD damage.

The RS-485 Convertor is primarily designed to allow networking of 2 or more Programmer Modules from one PC. This is achieved by daisychaining programmers on the RS-485 bus. Each programmer must be given a unique 'Node Address' on the bus so that the PC software can communicate with it.



Main Features
  • Converts serial RS-232 signals from e.g. a PC COM port to serial RS-485 signals
  • Opto-isolated barrier between RS-232 and RS-485 signals
  • Connects to PC via 9-way serial D-connector
  • RS-485 devices connect to covertor via RJ11 plug-in connectors
  • Supports daisychaining of Equinox PPM-MK2 and PPM4-MK1 programmers
  • Traffic-light Status LEDs indicates Transmitted and Received data
  • RS-485 line driver can be enabled / disabled via PC hand-shaking line

Networking of programmers

  • Up to 16 Programming Modules can be daisy-chained from a single PC via the Equinox RS-485 Programmer Bus
  • Each Programming Module must be assigned a unique 'Node Address' via a DIP-Switch on each module
  • Equinox 'ISP-PRO - Production ISP Software' is required to control more than 1 programmer on the network

Status LEDs

The Convertor features 3 Status LEDs which indicate whether data is currently being transmitted as follows:

  • RED - RS485 TRANSMIT driver is ENABLED (via RS232 handshaking line)
  • GREEN - PC is tranmitting data via RS232 to the RS485 convertor
  • YELLOW - Data is being transmitted from an RS485 device, through the convertor and will be converted to RS232 levels

Product Versions
Isolated RS232 to RS485 Convertor (Universal Power Supply)
RS232 to RS-485 Converter Module for use with Equinox PPM3-MK2 and PPM4-MK1 Programmers. Includes Mains Power Supply Adaptor (Input: 110-240 V AC @ 50/60Hz , Output: 9V DC reg. @ 1.5A) , RS485 Cables and PC Serial Cable.
Order Code:  RS485-C2(UN)
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 01 July 2007:
Digi-Key now distribute Equinox products in Europe & Asia along with North America, South America and Canada. >>
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