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Barcode Scanning


The ISP-PRO software application has been designed to integrate with any commercially available Barcode Scanner. Using this functionality, it is possible to scan the barcode from a 'barcode label' which is affixed to either a customer Target System, product enclosure or product packaging. At the beginning of a Programming Script, the barcode label can be scanned and then recorded to the ISP-PRO database.  ISP-PRO can then filter the barcode value and make a decision as to which script to run or what data to program based on the read back value.

ISP-PRO supports the following Barcode scanning scenarios:

4 x Barcode Scanner using Equinox ‘4 Channel Barcode Scanner Multiplexing System’
1 x Barcode Scanner on a spare PC COM port



Main Features

  • Supports integration of most popular Barcode Scanners
  • Supports scanning of 1D, 2D, 3D and QRcode barcodes (requires scanner with relevant capability)
  • ISP-PRO can scan a 'barcode label', filter the scanned value and then perform a custom action based on the scanned value.
  • ISP-PRO can range check the scanned value for a numeric and / or alpha numeric scanned value.
  • ISP-PRO logs the scanned barcode value to a database field allowing it to be referenced to a 'Programming record'.
  • Direct support for Single Channel keyboard interface (USB-HID)  Barcode Scanners
  • Compatible with USB or RS232 interface scanners (may require additional configuration)
  • Equinox ‘4 Channel Barcode Scanner Multiplexing System’ available to support multi-scanner systems

Styles of barcode supported


Equinox ‘4 Channel Barcode Scanner Multiplexing System’

The ‘4 Channel Barcode Scanner Multiplexing System’ multiplexes up to 4 individual Barcode Scanners onto the Equinox RS485 Network. Each Barcode Scanner can then be assigned to an individual programming channel. It is possible to have up to 2 x ‘4 Channel Barcode Scanner Multiplexing System’ on the same RS485 network thereby supporting 8 programming channels each with their own individual scanner.

Single Channel keyboard interface (USB-HID) Barcode Scanner

ISP-PRO is designed to work with any Barcode Scanner which connects to the PC via the USB interface and which uses the USB-HID (keyboard) emulation mode.

This allows any inexpensive scanner to be used as long as it emulates typing the barcode characters as if they had been typed on the PC keyboard.

A typical USB-HID (keyboard) is the Newland HR42 scanner.

HR42 Scanner

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