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MCB900 Starter Kit for the Philips P89LPC932 8051 Microcontroller


The MCB900 is a comprehensive low-cost Starter System for the Philips P89LPC932 FLASH 8051 Microcontroller. The kit contains a featured-packed Evaluation Module fitted with a P89LPC932 microcontroller plus a special version of the µVISION2 8051 C development environment which only supports the Philips LPC devices. The IDE supports editing / compiling / simulating up to 4Kb of code (C + Assembler) for the LPC devices. A suite of suitable example programs are supplied with the software which can be compiled and then downloaded via ISP (In-System Programming) to the Target Device using the 'FLASH Magic' ISP software. Once a program is downloaded, the MCB900 can then be run without PC control and becomes a 'Standalone Microcontroller Module'.

This kit is designed for evaluating the Philips LPC family of microcontrollers. It encompasses the 8051 architecture plus the ability to write programs in C and download them to a real microcontroller mounted on a Target Board. This makes the Keil MCB900 kit ideal for low-budget high-specification designs and is therefore ideally suited to student projects.



MCB900 Evaluation Board
  • Philips P89LP932 Microcontroller mounted in PLCC socket
  • LED array on Port 2
  • Prototyping area for user circuitry
  • RS-232 Port for ISP, debug and/or user application use
  • On-board power supply (9V unregulated input)

LPC900 Development Studio
  • Feature-packed source code Editor, Project Manager and Make Utility
  • 8051 Assembler
  • 8051 ANSI-C Compiler
  • Software Simulator
  • ISD51 - In-System Debugger
  • Application Examples for the LPC family
  • All components of the Keil IDE are limited to a maximum of 4Kb of compiled code. No hardware support is available for multiple DPTR registers. No support is available for user libraries or floating point arithmetic.

FLASHMagic ISP Software
  • Software Utility supporting In-System Programming (ISP) of Philips ISP devices
  • Supports downloading of HEX file output of the Keil IDE to the FLASH / EEPROM of the Target Microcontroller
  • Uses the Philips LPC Boot Loader method of ISP via the UART of the Target Device
  • Required spare PC COM port to be connected to the COM port of the MCB900 Module

System Requirements
  • PC with one available serial (COM) port
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • One 3½-inch, 1.44MB disk drive
  • One CD-ROM drive
  • Please note: A suitable serial cable and power supply are NOT supplied with this kit.


Device Support (by family)

This product supports devices from the families listed below:
NXP (Philips):
  • 8051 LPC (Low Pin Count) Microcontroller Family

The MCB900 prototyping board uses the Philips P89LPC932 which is a superset of the Philips P89LPC920, P89LPC921, P89LPC922, P89LPC930 & P89LPC931 devices. You may create application programs for these devices by ignoring the extra features of the LPC932.


Device Support (by manufacturer / programming algorithm)


Philips Semiconductor
BL - Boot Loader Algorithm:
8051 LPC (Low Pin Count) Microcontroller Family:
P89LPC920, P89LPC922, P89LPC930, P89LPC931, P89LPC932


Ordering Information...

MCB900 Starter Kit for the Philips P89LPC932 8051 Microcontroller
Low-cost Starter System for the Philips P89LPC932 FLASH 8051 Microcontroller.
Manufacturer:  Keil Software
Order Code:  KEI-MCB900
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Product Information
Product:  MCB900 Starter Kit for the Philips P89LPC932 8051 Microcontroller
Manufacturer:  Keil Software
Order Code:  KEI-MCB900
Availability:  1 in stock
Price:   56.00 (GBP)
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