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GangPro-CC USB Gang Flash Programmer for Chipcon CCx series Microcontrollers (Std)

The GangPro-CC is a USB Gang Flash Programmer supporting the Chipcon CCx series of Microcontrollers.


  • Full Speed USB 1.1 (12 Mb/s) communication interface.
  • Up to 6 CCxxxx can be programmed simultaneously via SoC/debug interface from one GangPro-CC Flash Programming Adaptor (USB-FPA)
  • Six CC2431F128 with 128 kB Flash each can be programmed simultaneously in 6 seconds, and can be erased, blank checked, programmed and verified in 12 seconds
  • Up to 8 USB-FPA GANGs can be connected to one PC
  • 48 pcs of the CC2431F128 with 128 kB Flash each can be programmed simultaneously in 6 to 8 seconds using Multi-FPA API-DLL and 8 USB-FPA GANGs
  • Supports all CCxxxx with 8051 MCU and Flash
  • User defined programming sequence uses script file - no programming technique and language knowledge is required
  • No code size limitations
  • Lock security bit capability
  • Target device can be powered from the programming adaptor (programmable Vcc from 2.2V to 3.6V step 0.2V) or from external source (2.2V to 3.6V)
  • Easy to use WindowsTM based software.
  • Programmer accepts TI (*.txt), Motorola (*.s19, *.s28, *.s37) and Intel (*.hex) data files for programming
  • Combine code files capability
  • Lock setup capability, useful in production
  • Unique IEEE address and serial number assign capability. Software package can assign and automatically increment IEEE address and serial number, model type and revision. Serial Number with or without an automatically inserted current date can be stored in the FLASH memory in HEX, BCD or ASCII format. The IEEE address and serial number can be assigned from the user defined list in the file
  • Log file capability allowing to review information about the flashed target devices
  • The USB-FPA GANG adapter can be used with GangPro-CC software package as well as with the FlashPro-CC software that allows to access only one target device See the FlashPro-CC feature for details
  • Multi-FPA API-DLL software package can control up to eight GangPro-CC FPAs (working simultaneously) from other programs. Using eight GangPro-CC FPAs the programming time of the 48 target devices is almost the same like programming time of the six target devices programmed from one FPA
  • Perfect for production usage
  • Command line interpreter allows to use the Multi-FPA API-DLL software package and control up to eight FlashPro-CC FPAs (working simultaneously) from the command prompt or script file
  • Source code for the Multi-FPA API-DLL demo written in Visual Download fully functional software from our website and try it
  • Programmer has been tested and found to comply with FCC and CE requirements


Device Support (by family)

This product supports devices from the families listed below:
Texas Instruments:
  • Chipcon - CCXX Microcontroller Family


Please note:
Not all devices may be supported within a family.
Please see the Detailed Device Support List for a list of all devices which the product supports.


Ordering Information...

GangPro-CC USB Gang Flash Programmer for Chipcon CCx series Microcontrollers (Std)
Includes USB-FPA-5.0 (RoHS) adapter, GangPro-CC Splitter, USB cable,14-wires ribbon cable, six SoC/Debug 10-wires ribbon cables, CD with software and documentation. Software GangPro-CC (access to up to six target devices) and FlashPro-CC (one target device only) with IEEE addressing, serialization and script file commands, Multi-FPA API-DLL for remote control from external software. Multi-FPA API-DLL demo with source code written in Visual
Manufacturer:  Elprotronic Inc.
Order Code:  ELP-GangPro-CC-STD
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Product Information
Product:  GangPro-CC USB Gang Flash Programmer for Chipcon CCx series Microcontrollers (Std)
Manufacturer:  Elprotronic Inc.
Order Code:  ELP-GangPro-CC-STD
Availability:  2 in stock
Price:   275.00 (GBP)
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