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Silicon Labs EFM32 - Zero Gecko ARM microcontrollers now supported on Equinox ISPnano programmers

Equinox are pleased to announce the launch of In-System Programming (ISP) support for the Silicon Labs EFM32 'Zero Gecko' family of low-power Cortex-M0+ ARM microcontrollers.

The Silicon Labs EFM32'Zero Gecko' family programming support is now available on the following Equinox ISPnano production ISP programmers:

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Click on the picture ofa programmer to view the full programmer description page.

The following Energy Micro EFM32 - 'Zero Gecko' devices are now supported....

EFM32ZG108F16, EFM32ZG108F32, EFM32ZG108F4, EFM32ZG108F8, EFM32ZG110F16, EFM32ZG110F32, EFM32ZG110F4, EFM32ZG110F8, EFM32ZG20F32, EFM32ZG210F16, EFM32ZG210F32, EFM32ZG210F4, EFM32ZG210F8, EFM32ZG222F16, EFM32ZG222F32, EFM32ZG222F4, EFM32ZG222F8

Date:28 November 2013
Author:John Marriott
Company:Equinox Technologies
Software Downloads
EQTools Version 4 - Full install *** Release version *** (V4.0 build 3913 30/01/2017) More Info
Associated Devices
EFM32 - Zero Gecko 32-bit Microcontroller Family
Associated Products
Silicon Labs - EFM32 Gecko ARM - Device Library - OVERVIEW >>

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