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ISPnano - Production ISP Programmer family - OVERVIEW


The ISPnano family of programmers represent the ultimate solution for production In-System (ISP) programming.

Overview Title

ISPnanoS4-ATE ISPnano-S5 Relay1 Integrated Programming Fixture


ISPnano-GANG2 ISPnano-S3 GANG4 ISPnano-S3 GANG6 ISPnano-S3 GANG8


ISPnano-MUX ISPnano-MUX4 ISPnano-MUX8

Legacy Prods

Series 3 Series 3 ATE 

Click on the picture of a programmer to view the full programmer description page.



Programmer Selection Guide
ISPnano Series III Programmer
ISPnano Series III ATE Programmer
ISPnano Series IV ATE Programmer
ISPnano-MUX - 2 / 4 / 8 channel Multiplexed Programming Systems
ISPnano-GANG - multi-channel gang programming systems
Programmer Control Methods
Device manufacturers supported
Device Support Libraries
Device Support

Programmer Selection Guide

Single channel ISPnano programmers

ISPnano Selection Table 1

Multi-channel GANG programming systems

ISPnano Selection Table 2

ISPnano MUX2 / MUX4 / MUX8 - Multiplexed programmers

ISPnano Selection Table 3

ISPnano Series III Programmer


Click HERE to view the 'ISPnano Series III' programmer page.

ISPnano Series III ATE Programmer


Single channel Production ISP programmer with 'Relay isolation'

Click HERE to view the 'ISPnano Series III ATE' programmer page.

ISPnano Series IV ATE Programmer


Click HERE to view the 'ISPnano Series IV - ATE' programmer page.

ISPnano-MUX - 2 / 4 / 8 channel Multiplexed Programming Systems


The ISPnano-MUX programmers multiplex a single ISPnano programmer to 2, 4 or 8 Target Boards.

Click HERE to view the 'ISPnano-MUX' programmer page.

ISPnano-GANG - multi-channel gang programming systems


The ISPnano-GANG series of programmers are multi-channel versions of the powerful
ISPnano Series 3 programmer. The gang systems are available in 4, 6 or 8 channel
combinations and can be daisychained to make up to a 32 channel system.

Click HERE to view the 'ISPnano-GANG' programmer page.


Programmer Control Methods

The ISPnano programmer can be controlled via many different methods including...

These programmer ‘Control methods’ MUST be purchased separately as Software Development Kits (SDK’s).

Click HERE to view the Control Methods Overview page.

Standalone mode 'Standalone - Operator Start Mode'
An operator can manually commence a programming
operation via either the START push-button or a
Remote Keypad.
Standalone Lid Switch

'Standalone - Fixture Jig / Lid Switch mode’
Closing of the programming fixture lid triggers the execution of a programming project. (can be standalone or PC controlled)

Target Load Sensing

'Standalone - Target Load Sensing'
Senses the presence of a target connection.

ASCII Text 'ASCII Text Communications (Serial Protocol)'
This simple ASCII protocol can be used to control the
programmer from a PC or any other control system eg. PLC.
4-wire TTL 4-wire TTL ‘Remote Control / ATE'
4-WIRE Remote System Control of Equinox programmers (ATE Interface Port)

'EDS Development Mode'
This is a simple yet powerful ‘development interface’ supporting generation of ‘programming projects’ and interactive testing of the target device programming under PC control.

ISP-PRO ‘Production ISP Monitoring Application’
Controls up 32 programmers from a single PC.
Comprehensive data-logging of all programming operations.
ActiveX ‘ActiveX control’
Supports direct control of the programmer from any customer Windows application via an ‘Equinox Library’ of functions.
Console EDS

'Console Application'
Supports both low-level and high-level control from any customer Windows application by shelling to a console application


Device manufacturers supported

The ISPnano programmer range supports the following device manufacturers....

Device Support Libraries

To keep the overall system cost as low as possible, the ISPnano programmers do not come with any 'Device support' enabled as standard. Please click here for a list of available 'Device Libraries' which can be purchased as add-ons to the programmer.

Click HERE to view the 'ISPnano Device Support Libraries Overview page'


Device Support (by manufacturer)

This product supports devices from the manufacturers listed below:
Atmel (Microchip)
Exel Semiconductor (Rohm)
Holtek Semiconductor
IC Microsystems
NXP (Philips)
ON Semiconductors (Catalyst)
Seiko Instruments
Sigma Designs
Silicon Labs


Please note:
Not all devices may be supported within a family.
Please see the Detailed Device Support List for a list of all devices which the product supports.

ISPnano Programmer....
The ISPnano programmer does not come with any 'Device Support Libraries' as standard. Please click the 'Upgrades' link to select the libraries you require.
ISPnano - Device Support overview
This page details the available Device Support for the ISPnano range of Production ISP programmers.
Manufacturer:  Equinox Technologies

Device Support
Device Support List
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 07 March 2011:
Updated Atmel XMEGA AVR - PDI Programming Support for production >>
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