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ISP-PRO V4 Production Software Suite - License Upgrade for Equinox programmers


The ‘ISP-PRO’ software suite is a dedicated Windows application which is used to control Equinox ISP programmers in a production programming environment. The software is capable of controlling up to 32 asynchronous programming channels from a single PC COM port. ‘ISP-PRO’ can be run as a completely self-contained standalone application where each programming channel is sequenced in real-time via a specially compiled ‘Programming Script’. It can also be run as a ‘Slave application’ where it is controlled by an external ‘Remote Application’.

The software features an ‘Interface Database’ which allows each programming channel to be independently controlled from a custom Remote Application written in eg. Labview, Visual Basic, C++. The results of every programming operation are logged to this database giving a full history of exactly what happened and when.

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Standard Features

Production Software Supports up to 32 Programming Scripts Database 
Unique Data Barcode Scanning Barcode Printing Security 
Run Target Standalone Mode Calibration

Supported programmers

Click on the picture of a programmer to view the full programmer description page.

ISPnano Header

ISPnanoS3 ISPnanoS3-ATE ISPnanoS4-ATE Integrated Programming Fixture


ISPnano-GANG2 ISPnano-S3 GANG4 ISPnano-S3 GANG6 ISPnano-S3 GANG8


ISPnano-MUX ISPnano-MUX4 ISPnano-MUX8 


Gang Programming Operation

  • Up to 32 x ‘ISPnano Programming Modules’ can be networked together to a single PC via an RS-485 bus
  • Each ISPnano Programming Modules’ is capable of asynchronously programming a Target Device (i.e. all programmers operate independently)
  • Each programmer is given a unique ‘Communications Address’
  • An RS-232 to RS-485 convertor is required to interface the PPM4’s to the PC RS-232 port
  • The programmers are all controlled via the ISP-PRO or ConsoleEDS utilities running on the Supervisor PC

Control Methods

  • A custom Remote Application written in e.g. Visual Basic, C++, c#, Delphi can control up to 32 programmers concurrently
  • Supports remote ‘Programming Script’ selection & execution
  • Supports writing / reading of unique data such as serial numbers, MAC addresses and calibration data
  • Every programming operation is logged to a database (records PASS / FAIL, diagnostics etc per board)
  • Supports Barcode Scanning of label on Target System + programming of relevant serial number

Product Versions
ISP-PRO V3 to V4 Upgrade for ISPnano programmer
ISP-PRO V3 to V4 Upgrade for ISPnano programmer
Manufacturer:  Equinox Technologies
Order Code:  ISPnano-UPG29
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1 - 3
4 - 9
10 and above

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ISPnano - ISP-PRO Version 4 - Run-Time License
This is a license upgrade to allow the ISP-PRO Version 4 application to run on an ISPnano programmer. This is the run-time license only. It does not support generation of the ISP-PRO scripts.
Manufacturer:  Equinox Technologies
Order Code:  ISPnano-UPG28
Quantity Price (GBP) [Excl. VAT]
1 - 3
4 - 9
10 and above

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 20 January 2012:
New ISP-PRO Version IV software release >>

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