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Olimex - MSP430-easyWeb2 TCP/IP board with MPS430F149


Device Support (by family)

This product supports devices from the families listed below:
Texas Instruments:
  • MSP430 Flash Microcontroller Family


Device Support (by manufacturer / programming algorithm)


Texas Instruments
JTAG - In System Programming (ISP) via JTAG Debug Port:
MSP430 Flash Microcontroller Family:
Unspecified algorithm:
MSP430 Flash Microcontroller Family:
MSP430F110, MSP430F1101, MSP430F1101A , MSP430F1111A , MSP430F112, MSP430F1121, MSP430F1121A , MSP430F1122 , MSP430F1132 , MSP430F122 , MSP430F1222 , MSP430F123 , MSP430F1232 , MSP430F133 , MSP430F135 , MSP430F147 , MSP430F1471, MSP430F148 , MSP430F1481, MSP430F1491, MSP430F155, MSP430F156, MSP430F157, MSP430F1610, MSP430F1611, MSP430F1612, MSP430F167, MSP430F168, MSP430F169, MSP430F2001, MSP430F2002, MSP430F2003, MSP430F2011, MSP430F2012, MSP430F2013, MSP430F2101, MSP430F2111, MSP430F2121, MSP430F2131, MSP430F2232, MSP430F2234, MSP430F2252, MSP430F2254, MSP430F2272, MSP430F2274, MSP430F233, MSP430F2330, MSP430F235, MSP430F2350, MSP430F2370, MSP430F2410, MSP430F2416, MSP430F2417, MSP430F2418, MSP430F2419, MSP430F247, MSP430F2471, MSP430F248, MSP430F2481, MSP430F249, MSP430F2491, MSP430F2616, MSP430F2617, MSP430F2618, MSP430F2619, MSP430F412 , MSP430F413 , MSP430F415, MSP430F417, MSP430F423, MSP430F4230, MSP430F423A, MSP430F425, MSP430F4250, MSP430F425A, MSP430F4260, MSP430F4270, MSP430F427A, MSP430F427A, MSP430F435 , MSP430F4351, MSP430F436 , MSP430F4361, MSP430F437 , MSP430F4371, MSP430F447 , MSP430F448 , MSP430F449, MSP430F4618, MSP430F4619, MSP430F4783, MSP430F4784, MSP430F4793, MSP430F4794, MSP430FD4250, MSP430FE423, MSP430FE423A, MSP430FE423A, MSP430FE425, MSP430FE425A, MSP430FE427, MSP430FFW427, MSP430FG4260, MSP430FG4270, MSP430FG437, MSP430FG438, MSP430FG439, MSP430FG4616, MSP430FG4617, MSP430FG4619, MSP430FW423, MSP430FW425, MSP430FW427

last update: 21/04/08

Product Information
Product:  Olimex - MSP430-easyWeb2 TCP/IP board with MPS430F149
Manufacturer:  Olimex
Order Code:  OLI-MSP430-EW2
Availability:  1 in stock
Price:   77.61 (GBP)
 [Excl. VAT]
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