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FlashPro2000 - USB Flash Programmer for TI C2000 Series MCU (TMS320F28xx)


The FlashPro2000 programmer is dedicated to programming the Texas Instruments C2000 DSP family (TMS320F24xx and TMS320F28xx).

Using the FlashPro430 programmer, the target device can be programmed via JTAG Interface (4-wires) or via SCI-BOOT Interface.
Each programmer package consists of a microcontroller based adaptor, WindowsTM based software, cable to connect the adaptor with the computer’s USB port and two converters with flat ribbon cables - one for JTAG connection (with 14 wires ribbon cable) and the second for the SCI-BOOT connection (with 10 wires ribbon cable).
The communication speed via JTAG is selectable - up to 3Mb/s or 1 Mb/s - and allows use of longer JTAG cables if required - useful in production.

To facilitate high speed communication via SCI-BOOT Interface, a new Fast Boot Loader is temporarily downloaded to RAM of each programmed device allowing communication with the target
device with speeds of up to 500 kb/s. To simplify the production process the programming software package can assign serial numbers, model type, and revision. Each serial number is unique for each programmed device and is assigned automatically. Several serial number formats are available.
There are a number of erase/write options also available. This allows to erase/write all flash memory, or just the specified fragment of memory. This feature is very useful when only part of programmed data/code should be replaced - for example this feature can be used to download the serial number, calibration data or personality data without losing existing program code.

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  • Full Speed USB 1.1 (12 Mb/s) communication interface.
  • DSP can be programmed via JTAG or SCI-BOOT interface (TTL level-0-3V).
  • TMS320F2808 with 128 kB Flash each can be programmed in 11 seconds, and can be erased, blank checked, programmed and verified in 22 seconds.
  • Up to 16 USB-FPA can be connected to one PC.
  • Eight devices TMS320F2808 with 128 kB Flash each can be programmed simultaneously in 11 to 14 seconds using Multi-FPA API-DLL and 8 USB-FPAs.
  • User defined programming sequence uses script file. No programming technique and language knowledge is required.
  • No code size limitations.
  • Lock security bits capability.
  • Easy to use WindowsTM based software.
  • Programmer accepts TI (*.txt), Motorola (*.s19, *.s28, *.s37) and Intel (*.hex) data files for programming. Can also accept the CCS *.out file (uses the TI's hex2000.exe tool for file conversion).
  • Lock setup capability, useful in production.
  • Unique serial number assign capability. Software package can assign and automatically increment serial number, model type and revision. Serial Number with or without an automatically inserted current date can be stored in the FLASH memory in HEX, BCD or ASCII format. The serial number can be assigned from the user defined list in the file.
  • Log file capability allowing to review information about the flashed target devices.
  • Multi-FPA API-DLL software package can control up to sixteen FlashPro2000 FPAs (working simultaneously) from other programs. Using sixteen FlashPro2000 FPAs the programming time of the 16 target devices is almost the same like programming time of the single target devices programmed from one FPA. Perfect for production usage.
  • Programmer complies with FCC and CE requirements.



PC Communication Interface: Full Speed USB-1.1 (12 Mbits/s)
USB connectors Adpater site: USB-type B, Computer site: USB-type A
Target connector 14 pins header connector.
DC Power +5V +/- 20%, 100 mA +�target's current (0-100mA)
Target Device DC supply
- external
+3.0 V to 5.0 V
Communication speed

selectable 3 Mbits/s or 1 Mbits/s
fixed - up to 500 kb/s
Size  76 x 43 x 20 mm ( 3.0 x 1.68 x 0.8 inch )
Verification Compliance CE ( European CISPR 22 and EN 55022 ).
FCC Part 15, Subpart B- Class B Unintentional Radiators for Uses in
Home, Commercial and Industrial Areas.


Device Support (by family)

This product supports devices from the families listed below:
Texas Instruments:
  • C2000 Series MCU (TMS320F28xx)


Please note:
Not all devices may be supported within a family.
Please see the Detailed Device Support List for a list of all devices which the product supports.


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FlashPro2000 - USB Flash Programmer for TI C2000 Series MCU (TMS320F28xx)
FlashPro2000 - USB Flash Programmer for TI C2000 Series MCU (TMS320F28xx)
Manufacturer:  Elprotronic Inc.
Order Code:  ELP-FlashPro2000
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Product Information
Product:  FlashPro2000 - USB Flash Programmer for TI C2000 Series MCU (TMS320F28xx)
Manufacturer:  Elprotronic Inc.
Order Code:  ELP-FlashPro2000
Availability:  1 in stock
Price:   235.00 (GBP)
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 07 April 2009:
NEW: FlashPro2000 - USB Flash Programmer for TI C2000 Series MCU (TMS320F28xx) >>

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