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Atmel STK600 Socket Adaptors supporting XMEGA AVR microcontrollers


This is an overview product which describes the 'Socket Adaptors' and 'Routing Cards' available for the Atmel STK600 Starter Kit which support the Atmel ATxmega AVR microcontroller family.

The correct 'Socket Adaptor'  is required to accomodate the chosen XMEGA 'Package Type' eg. TQFP44, TQFP64, TQFP100, MLF64. The sample XMEGA device then simply plugs into the socket on the 'Socket Adaptor'.

The correct 'Routing Card'  is required to route the signals from the  XMEGA device in the 'Socket Adaptor' to the correct pins on the main STK600 board. They usually come with the 'Socket Adaptor' and usually do not need to be ordered separately.



STK600 + Socket Adaptor picture

The above picture shows the Atmel STK600 kit with the 'TQFP64 Adaptor' fitted. This adaptor does NOT come as standard with the kit and must be ordered separately.

XMEGA AVR Socket and Routing Card Selection Table

The table below details which STK600 "Socket" and "Routing Card" is required to support a particular Atmel ATxmega AVR microcontroller.

ATxmega64A1 STK600-RC100X-13 STK600-TQFP100 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega128A1 STK600-RC100X-13 STK600-TQFP100 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega128A1_revD STK600-RC100X-13 STK600-TQFP100 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega128A1U STK600-RC100X-13 STK600-TQFP100 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega128A1 STK600-ATXMEGA1281A1 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega128A1 QT600-ATXMEGA128A1-QT16 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega64A3 STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-TQFP64 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega128A3 STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-TQFP64 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega256A3 STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-TQFP64 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega256A3B STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-MLF64 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega64D3 STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-TQFP64 PDI
ATxmega128D3 STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-TQFP64 PDI
ATxmega192D3 STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-TQFP64 PDI
ATxmega256D3 STK600-RC064X-14 STK600-TQFP64 PDI
ATxmega32A4 STK600-RC044X-15 STK600-TQFP44 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega16A4 STK600-RC044X-15 STK600-TQFP44 JTAG, PDI
ATxmega16D4 STK600-RC044X-15 STK600-TQFP44 PDI
ATxmega32D4 STK600-RC044X-15 STK600-TQFP44 PDI


Device Support (by family)

This product supports devices from the families listed below:
Atmel Corporation:
  • AT32 AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • ATmega AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • ATxmega AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family


Please note:
Not all devices may be supported within a family.
Please see the Detailed Device Support List for a list of all devices which the product supports.


For further information about related products, please see the Overview Product.

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Device Support
Device Support List
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