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Brainboxes - Light Industrial Ethernet to Serial converter range

Brainboxes manufacture a range of 'Ethernet to Serial' converters which are suitable for use in 'Light industrial' environments. The range supports both single RS232 port and also a dual port version with both RS232 and a second port capable of both RS232 and RS422/485. All serial converters support a data transfer rate up to 230,400 baud making them ideal for use in high-speed RS232 systems.


Main features
Ethernet to Serial Converters Family Overview
Rugged Enclosure
Integrated Wall Mount
Optional DIN Rails Mounts

Main features
  • Ethernet to Serial (RS232 / RS422 / 485) converters
  • Designed for 'Light industrial' environments
  • Heavy Duty design including rugged metal case
  • Removable Screw Terminals for easy wiring - allows converter to be easily / quickly removed in case of a fault
  • Mounting options for wall & DIN rail
  • Wide supply range voltage: 5 - 30V DC
  • LED Status indicators to show status of Ethernet connection and the RS232 / RS485 ports

Ethernet to Serial Converters Family Overview

For further information about each converter click on the product name in the table below:

of Ports
RS232 RS422/485

RS232 &

ES-020 1 YES - -
ES-357 1 - - YES
ES-701 4 YES - -
ES-320 1 - YES -
ES-257 2 YES - -
ES-246 1 YES - -
ES-313 2 - YES -
ES-279 8 YES - -
ES-842 8 - YES -

Rugged Enclosure

  • IP-30 rated rugged case protects the device in any environment from industrial to office.
  • IP (International Protection Rating) Code specifies that objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter cannot penetrate the case. This means that the case provides a safety barrier from objects (such as tools and wires) interfering with the internal circuitry.

Integrated Wall Mount

  • All Brainboxes' light industrial serial Ethernet adapters feature integrated wall mount points which are located on either side of the device (also known as Ears).
  • Screws or nails can be used to attached the device through the wall point ears to a wall, table or any firm flat surface.

Optional DIN Rails Mounts

  • The DIN rail mounts are an optional accessory. This allows the device to be mounted in a Server rack or any DIN rail fitted equipment rack. The DIN rails conform to IEC International Standard 60715 and European Standard EN 50022.

Product Versions
Brainboxes - ES-020 - Ethernet to Serial Converter - 1 x RS232 Port
The Brainboxes ES-020 is an Ethernet to Serial Converter / Device Server which converts serial data from a single RS232 Port to data over Ethernet.
Order Code:  BRAIN-ES-020
Quantity Price (GBP) [Excl. VAT]
1 and above 139.95

0 in stock
2 days delivery
Brainboxes - ES-357 - Ethernet to Serial Converter - 1 Port RS232 and 1 Port RS422/485
The Brainboxes ES-357 is an Ethernet to Serial Converter / Device Server which converts serial data from either an RS232 Port or an RS422/485 Port to a datastream over Ethernet. It can be used to interface any legacy RS232 / RS422 / RS485 serial device e.g. POS equipment, sensors etc to an Ethernet network. This allows these serial devices to be interfaced to an internal Intranet or with the correct configuration allows them to be controlled over the Internet.
Order Code:  BRAIN-ES-357
Quantity Price (GBP) [Excl. VAT]
1 and above 139.95

0 in stock
7 days delivery

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