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Brainboxes Ultra High Speed Serial Cards - OVERVIEW


Brainboxes CC-525 and CC-530 provide a ultra high speed serial link over RS422/485 connection. Originally designed for use by the British Military, these cards provide high reliability for mission critical applications and a high speed serial data connection of 15,000,000 baud (15 MegaBaud) or 18,000,000 baud (18 MegaBaud).

Purchase of Brainboxes Ultra cards is subject to Minimum Order Quantity, please contact us for a advice.



  • Two independent 9 pin D RS422/485 Serial ports.
  • Reliable communications up to 4000 feet, 1.2 Kilometres.
  • 16950 FIFO provides 128-byte input and 128-byte output buffer on each port.
  • Maximum baud rate of 15,000,000 Baud (15 Megabaud).
  • Word length of 5, 6, 7 or 8 bits.
  • Even, Odd, None, Mark or Space parity options.
  • 1 start bit always sent.1, (1.5 for 5-bit data word length), or 2 stop bits.
  • TXD, RXD, RTS, and CTS signals.
  • RS485 TXD/RXD multiplex selectable by jumpers: - either FULL DUPLEX or HALF-DUPLEX.
  • Fully double buffered for reliable asynchronous operation.
  • High-speed integrated circuitry
  • Autogating low level RS485 half duplex (2 wire) control
  • Clock Input: 60.00mHz
  • Drivers: SN75174
  • High Level Voltage: 3.7V typical at 33mA source
  • Low Level Voltage: 1.1V typical at 33mA source
  • High Level Current: -60mA max
  • Low Level Current: 60mA max
  • Receivers: SN75175
  • Difftial I/P threshold: 200mV max
  • Hysteresis: 50mV typical
  • Input Impedance: >12K Ohm without terminators

2 Port Ultra High Speed Serial Cards

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