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MIIC-101 - Portable I2C / SMBus Monitor



The MIIC-101 Bus Monitor is a Stand-Alone and Remote Troubleshooting Tool for the I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) serial bus developed by Philips Semiconductor, or the System Management Bus (SMBus) developed by Intel, and other derived protocols.



Product Highlights
  • Stand Alone or Remote I2C Bus, and SMBus Troubleshooting Tool.
  • Real Time Trace to 100 kbit/s
  • Supports General Calls, and Multi-Master/Multi-Slave Addressing
  • Displays Start/Stop Events, Device Addresses, Read/Write Requests, Acknowledgements, and Data
  • Optional I2C Analyzer Software Package

Key Features
  • I2C and SMBus Compatible
  • Operating Modes include: Line Status, Forward/Backward Trace, View and Remote
  • Monitor ALL or SELECTED Bus Address
  • Stores up to 2700 messages Stand-alone. Unlimited storage in Remote Mode.
  • Real-Time Trace to 100Kbit/s
  • Supports General Calls, and 7 bit Addressing
  • Displays Start/Stop Events, Device Addresses, Read/Write Requests
  • Built-in Alphanumeric Display and Keypad supports Byte, Message and Buffer Scrolling for stand-alone handheld portable operation.
  • Optional Windows-based I2C Analyzer Software Package lets you see message traffic on your PC's screen, provides extended message filtering, and can record messages to disk
  • Powered by internal Battery, external Supply, or Bus Power
  • Compatible with 3.3v to 5v

Typical Applications
  • Development: Software/Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Manufacturing: Testing and Debugging, Quality Control
  • Field Service: Field diagnosis, Repair Service, Verification

Product Versions
MCC - I2C/SMBus Analyzer Software Package (requires MIIC-101 I2C Adaptor)
The SMB-SW Software Suite allows you to monitor I2C and SMBus Bus traffic with your PC and to collect, log, and display bus activity. Supports Smart Battery Systems (SBS) V1.0 protocol display in engineering units. Requires PC with 1 free RS-232 port (local, USB-based, or LAN-based). For use with the I2C/SMBus Monitor (#MIIC-101) ONLY.
Order Code:  MCC-SMB-SW
Discontinued Product
MCC 101G - Portable I2C / SMBus Monitor with Universal Power Supply
MCC - Portable I2C / SMBus Monitor supplied with Universal Mains Power Supply Adaptor (PSU). Suitable for use in US, UK, Europe and Asia.
Manufacturer:  MCC
Order Code:  MIIC-101G
Discontinued Product
MIIC-101KG - I2C/SMBus Monitor and I2C/SMBus Software Analyzer Package Kit
This is a comprehensive I2C Analyser Kit which includes everything you need to capture bus messages and view/analyse bus transactions with your PC. Includes hand-held monitor unit (MIIC-101), I2C Analyser Sofware (SMB-SW), cables, and Global Power Supply.
Manufacturer:  MCC
Order Code:  MIIC-101KG
Discontinued Product
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