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PPM3-MK2 Programmer - Firmware Upgrade Instructions


The instructions detailed below describe how to upgrade the on-board firmware of the Equinox 'PPM3-MK2' programmer. A firmware upgrade may be required periodically to add new device support or correct and problems which have been found. The firmware is upgraded using the 'Configit - Firmware Update Utility'.



Equipment required
Setting Firmware Update Mode
Hardware Setup Instructions
Selecting RS-232 - Node Address '0'
Running the Configit - Firmware Update Utility
Finalising the Firmware Update process

Equipment required

The following equipment is required to upgrade the programmer firmware:

1. Equinox PPM3-MK2 programmer
2. Jumper Link (supplied with programmer)
3. Serial Cable
4. Power Supply (9V @ 100mA min)
5. Configit - Firmware Update Utility
6. PC with spare COM port (running Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000)


Setting Firmware Update Mode

In order to place the programmer into 'Firmware Update Mode', it is necessary to remove the lid of the unit and insert a jumper onto link LK1.

Please follow the instructions detailed below:
1. Make sure the programmer is powered OFF
2. Unscrew the four fixing screws on the sides of the programmer case.
3. Carefully remove the programmer cover
4. Locate Jumper Link LK1 next to the 9-way D connector
5. Insert a jumper (supplied with programmer) onto the link LK1

Hardware Setup Instructions

1. Connect the programmer to a spare PC COM port using the serial cable supplied

2. Apply 9V @ 100mA min to the DC Power Connector J6.
--> The programmer should power up and the LCD should illuminate. The LCD may be blank or it may have a some text displayed.

Selecting RS-232 - Node Address '0'

The programmer must be set to 'RS-232' operation and Node Address '0' in order for the Configit utility to work. Please set the DIP Switches on the programmer as shown in the illustration below. All switches must be in the '0' position.

Running the Configit - Firmware Update Utility

1. Locate a suitable PC with the following specification
- 1 x spare COM port with all 9 connectors wired
- Must be running Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000.
- Please note: Configit may not work correctly on many NT or XP PC's as these operating systems do not allow direct control of the handshaking lines of the COM port. 

2. Download the latest version of Configit from the Equinox Web Site
3. Unzip Configit to a directory on your PC

4. Launch the Configit utility by double-clicking on the icon
--> Configit launches and displays a dialog where and can be selected.
5. Select the COM port to which the programmer is attached
5. Select the [Programmer Type] as [PPM3-MK2] 
6. To view the current firmware version of the programmer, click the [Info] button
7. To view the firmware versions available within this release of Configit, click the [About] button

8. To update the firmware in the programmer, press the [LOAD] button
--> The 'Status Bar' should start to move from left to right indicating that the new firmware is being updated.

*** Warning ***
Do NOT remove power to the programmer or remove the 9-way serial cable during the Firmware Update process.

9. If the Firmware Update process is successful, a message will be displayed showing the new firmware for the programmer.
- Click and then quit Configit
- Goto the 'Finalising the Firmware Update process'

10. If the Firmware Update process fails for some reason:
- Follow the on-screen instructions
- Send your programmer serial number & the license string generated by Configit to
- Keep your programmer powered up if possible
- Equinox will e-mail you back with an unlock code
- Type in the unlock code into Configit
- Configit should then re-program your programmer

Finalising the Firmware Update process

1. Remove Jumper Link LK1
--> The RED 'FAIL' LED should start to flash on the programmer.

2. Launch EQTools and select <Programmer><Programmer Info>
- Check that the firmware version is the latest version.

3. The Firmware Update process is now complete

4. Power the programmer OFF
5. Carefully replace the programmer cover making sure that the keypad buttons have adequate clearance.

6. Replace the four fixing screws in the side of the case.

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