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Lawicel manufacture a range of low-cost but very powerful tools which products which support the popular CANbus protocol....


CANUSB is a very small dongle that plugs into any PC USB Port and gives an instant CAN connectivity. This means it can be treated by software as a standard COM Port (serial RS232 port) which eliminates the need for any extra drivers or by installing a direct driver DLL for faster communications and higher CAN bus loads. Sending and receiving can be done in standard ASCII format.

CANUSB-V2 CANUSB V2 is the new updated version of the original CANUSB product. It features a new ergonomic enclosure with a plug-in USB cable. All other operational features are identical to the original CANUSB product.
CAN232 CAN232 is a simple low cost tool to get connected to the CANbus via a standard RS232 port found on PC's, Embedded systems etc. It is driver independent, since all commands are ASCII commands. The CAN232 is the choice for small embedded Linux, DOS or Windows platforms where cost is important and now other alternative is availible more than a RS232 port. Free sample programs with source code in VB, Delphi, C & C++.

CANMON/PRO is a software utility which supports sending / receiving of CAN message frames using a simple graphical GUI. The utility only works in conjunction with the Lawicel CANUSB adaptor.



CAN232 - RS232 to CAN Converter Dongle
CAN Converter Dongle Plugs into any PC COM Port/RS232
Order Code:  LAW-CAN232
74.75 (GBP)

29 in stock
CANUSB-V2 - Universal USB to CAN Interface Adaptor
This adaptor converts a USB serial datastream to a CAN serial datastream.
Order Code:  LAW-CANUSB-V2
85.00 (GBP)

52 in stock
Lawicel CANUSB-OEM122 - Special version CANUSB OEM ISO Version 122
Module based on the hardware (circuitry) of the existing CANUSB adapter from Lawicel
Order Code:  LAW-CANUSB-OEM122
98.69 (GBP)

5 in stock

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Atmel Corporation:

ATmega AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family:
  LAW-CANDIP DIL28 ATmega162 Module with CAN-Bus

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Atmel Corporation:
- ATmega AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family
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04 December 2017:
CANUSB-V2 - Universal USB to CAN Interface Adaptor
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