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Atmel 24Cxxx Serial EEPROM Memory ISP programming support

Equinox Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of In-System Programming (ISP) support for Atmel 24Cxxx I2C Serial EEPROM memory devices on our range of ISP Programmers. This support will allow any 24xxx I2C EEPROM memory device to be programmed in-situ on a Target Board using the I2C 2-wire programming interface. Multiple I2C devices can be programmed on the same Target Support by simply selecting a different I2C address in the Programming Project. The fastest possible programming speeds are guaranteed as the EEPROM data is stored locally within the programmer. Standalone operation of the programmer (no PC) via single auto-program key is also possible making this solution ideal for high-volume production applications. The programmer can also be controlled from any Remote Application written in e.g.. C++, Labview, Visual Basic etc.



  • In-System Programming (ISP) support for Atmel 24Cxxx I2C Serial EEPROMs
  • Programmer uses the I2C 2-wire interface to program the device in-situ on a Target Board
  • Supports both 100 kHz and 400 kHz I2C operating frequencies
  • Multiple I2C Memories on the same I2C bus can be programmed
  • Fast programming times due to local storage of data to be programmed
  • Supports Program/Verify per page or Program entire device and then verify
  • Supports 3.0 to 5.0V Target Voltage operation
  • Standalone programmer operation (no PC required) is possible
  • PC software utility supports automatic serial number (up to 64-bit) generation and programming

Device support:

Atmel – AT24Cxxxx Serial EEPROM Memories (I2C):

  • AT24C01A, AT24C01B
  • AT24C02A, AT24C02B
  • AT24C04, AT24C04A, AT24C04B
  • AT24C08A, AT24C08B
  • AT24C1024, AT24C1024B, AT24C1024SC
  • AT24C11
  • AT24C128, AT24C128B, AT24C128SC
  • AT24C16A, AT24C16B
  • AT24C256, AT24C256B
  • AT24C32, AT24C32A, AT24C32C, AT24C32SC
  • AT24C512, AT24C512B, AT24C512SC
  • AT24C64, AT24C64A, AT24C64B
  • AT24HC02B, AT24HC04B
  • AT34C02C

 Programmers supported:

  • Epsilon5, FS2003, PPM3-MK2

 Ordering information

The ‘24Cxxx Serial EEPROM’ programming algorithm is a chargeable license upgrade for the Epsilon5, FS2003 and PPM3-MK2 programmers. The ordering information for each programmer is detailed in the table below:


Date:05 May 2008
Author:John Marriott
Company:Equinox Technologies
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