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FS2003 programmers can now run FS2000A Programming Projects

Equinox Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of a special version of firmware for the Equinox FS2003 ISP programmer called “FS2000B”. This firmware upgrade emulates the operation of an FS2000A programmer allowing the FS2003 programmer to execute Programming Projects’ which were created for the now discontinued FS2000A programmer.



  • New “FS2000B” firmware allows the FS2003 programmer to execute FS2000A Programming Projects
  • Most FS2000A Programming Projects can be uploaded without modification.
  •  Allows a mixture of older FS2000A and newer FS2003 programmers to be deployed in the field without having to use separate Project Collections for each programmer. 

Ordering information

The FS2003 and FS2009 Programmers can be ordered as follows:


Order Code



Please note:

  • The FS2003 programmer comes with the “FS2003” firmware installed as standard.
  • The “FS2000B” firmware must then be uploaded to the FS2003 programmer.  

Installing the “FS2000B” firmware

The “FS2000B” firmware is available as a “Firmware Upgrade” project file for the FS2003 programmer which can be uploaded using EQTools – Upload Wizard. Please refer to Application Note – AN119 for detailed instructions.


Upgrading your PC Software Installation

The new FS2000B firmware requires that that the following versions of EQTools, ConsoleEDS and ISP-PRO are installed on your PC:

  • EQTools V2-1 build 947 or above

Further information

If you require any further information about the "FS2000B" firmware, please email


Date:28 July 2008
Author:John Marriott
Company:Equinox Technologies
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