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Molex I2C  PCB Mounting Connector (4-way) non-RoHS


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I2C Bus Cables
Overview of I2C Bus Cables suitable for use with the MCC range of I2C Adaptors.
Manufacturer:  MCC
I2C Bus Monitor Plus - Version 2
The I2C Bus Monitor Plus is a laboratory grade troubleshooting instrument for the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Bus, SMBus, and other derived protocols. When connected to an I2C or derived protocol bus and a host computer, the I2C Bus Monitor Plus captures, filters, and displays bus message data and timing information.
Manufacturer:  MCC
Order Code:  MIIC-102x (x = Select Power Supply type)
Discontinued Product
IP-101 I2C Prototyping Board
This I2C evaluation board includes two I2C Bus slave devices, an 8-bit I/O device and a RAM memory device, plus a Breadboard Area to build you own circuit. A great I2C Bus test-bed and educational platform.
Manufacturer:  MCC
Order Code:  MCC-IP-101
Discontinued Product
MCC 101G - Portable I2C / SMBus Monitor with Universal Power Supply
MCC - Portable I2C / SMBus Monitor supplied with Universal Mains Power Supply Adaptor (PSU). Suitable for use in US, UK, Europe and Asia.
Manufacturer:  MCC
Order Code:  MIIC-101G
Discontinued Product
MIIC-101 - Portable I2C / SMBus Monitor
The MIIC-101 Bus Monitor is a Stand-Alone and Remote Troubleshooting Tool for the I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) serial bus developed by Philips Semiconductor, or the System Management Bus (SMBus) developed by Intel, and other derived protocols.
Manufacturer:  MCC
MIIC-202 - iPort/AI - RS-232 to I2C Host Adapter with ASCII Interface
iPort/AI brings I2C directly to any computer with an RS-232 serial port. Just plug iPort/AI into your computer's serial port, and you will be sending and receiving I2C messages in seconds.
Manufacturer:  MCC
MIIC-203 - iPort/AFM RS-232 to I2C Host Adapter with ASCII Fast Mode (Universal PSU)
The MIIC-203 iPort/AFM module brings I2C directly to any computer with an RS-232 serial port. The iPort/AFM into your computer's serial port, and with some simple ASCII text commands allows sending and receiving of I2C messages at up to 400Kbit/s. Supplied with Universal Power Supply suitable for use in the US, UK, Europe and the Far East.
Manufacturer:  MCC
Order Code:  MIIC-203G
Discontinued Product
Product Information
Product:  Molex I2C PCB Mounting Connector (4-way) non-RoHS
Manufacturer:  MCC
Order Code:  MCC-417612061 non-RoHS
Availability:  0 in stock
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Price:   3.25 (GBP)
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