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ISPnano Series 4 ATE - Programmer Kit


The "ISPnano Series IV" is a state-of-the-art Production ISP Programmer designed for high-speed In-System Programming (ISP) of FLASH Microcontrollers and Serial Memory devices. It has been specially developed to allow simple integration with ATE Systems and In-Circuit Testers (ICTs) used in high-volume production environments. The programmer supports automated relay switching of all Target System programming and power signal lines between an external ATE system and the programmer. This allows the programmer to be completely out-of-circuit during normal ATE testing operation. A dedicated 'ATE Interface' allows the ATE / ICT to control the operation of the programmer in 'Standalone Mode'.   

The programmer features plug-in 'I/O Connector Modules' which can be easily swapped to support any form of connector system required. It also allows the relays to be swapped out by simply removing the module.

The compact size and abundance of programming ports makes the ISPnano Series IV programmer ideal for integration into any Test Fixture or ATE System. It supports programming of devices by most interfaces including SPI, JTAG, JTAG chain, SCI, I2C (2-wire), XMEGA 2-wire PDI, ATtiny HV (+12V Vpp), ATtiny TPI, UART Boot Loader and Austriamicrosystems 1-wire. The fastest possible programming times are guaranteed due to a combination of highly optimised algorithms, local storage of Project Data and high slew rate Line Driver Circuitry.

The ISPnano Series IV is capable of operating in 'Standalone Mode' where any one of 64 independent 'Programming Projects' can be executed via a remote command.  



Main Features
Compact ergonomic enclosure
Programmer – Target I/O Signals
Galvanic isolation of programming and power signals
Front Panel view
Target Connectors
Programmer Power and Communications Connectors
Programmer Power Supplies
Host Control connectivity (Communications Ports)
Gang / network programming support
Standalone Programming Operation (no PC)
Device Support Libraries
Device Support

Main Features

  • Compact physical size ideal for integration into ATE / Test Fixtures
    • Programmer measures only 10.5cm x 7.0cm x 2.3cm and has ergonomic design to supports the maximum packing density.
  • All Programmer I/O and Target Power Lines are galvanically isolated
    • All signal and power lines are switched through on-board relays allowing the programmer to route either the ATE signals or the Programmer signals to the Target System 
  • Gang / network programming support
    • Up to 32 programmers can be controlled from a single PC using the RS485 Bus
    • Compact size and network option allows up to 32 programmers to be mounted even in small fixtures.
  • Wide ranging Device Support capability
    Supports In-System Programming (ISP) of many popular FLASH Microcontrollers, Serial EEPROM and Serial FLASH Memory devices. 
  • High-speed Programming
    Optimised algorithms, on-board project data storage and high-speed line-driver circuitry delivers the fastest possible programming times
  • Supports most ISP Protocols
    SPI, JTAG, I2C (2-wire), SCI, BDM, XMEGA PDI , ATtiny HV (+12V Vpp), ATtiny TPI
  • High-speed JTAG port
    Supports high-speed JTAG programming of Atmel AVR, AT91SAM7 (ARM7), XMEGA and AVR32 microcontrollers
  • High-speed SPI port
    Supports full range of SPI speeds from 10 Hz up to 4 MHz
  • Dedicated 2-wire I2C serial port with independent drive circuitry
    Supports high-speed I2C programming of Serial EEPROMs, F-RAM memories and RTC ICs.
  • Dedicated 2-wire XMEGA PDI serial interface port with enhanced data drive capability
    Supports high-speed programming of the Atmel XMEGA AVR microcontroller family via the 2-wire PDI Interface
  • Dedicated 2-wire ATtiny TPI serial interface port with enhanced data drive capability
    Supports high-speed programming of the Atmel ATtiny AVR microcontroller family via the 2-wire TPI Interface.
  • Fully ESD and Over-voltage protected I/O
    All Target I/O pins feature both ESD and over-voltage protection.
  • Supports programming at Target Voltages down to 1.8V
    An optimised driver circuit delivers fast clean programming waveforms from 1.8 to 5.0V.
  • Excellent Host Control connectivity
    1 x High-speed USB Port
    • 1 x RS232 Serial Port
    • 1 x RS485 In/OUT port – supports up to 32 programmers on an RS485 network
    • 4-wire TTL Remote Control Port
    • Remote Keypad / Display (ideal for standalone control in a Test Fixture)
  • Standalone Operation
    • Programmer can operate in ‘Standalone Mode’ i.e. without PC Control.
    • Programmer can be controlled via [START] button, 4-wire TTL Remote control Port, Target Detection or Lid switch detection control methods or Remote Keypad / Display.
  • Multiple Programmer Controlled Target Power Supplies
    • Target Vcc Supply: 1.8 to 5.0V @ 300mA
    • Target Vpp Supply: 6.5V to 13.5V @ 100mA
    • External Vcc Voltage (EXT-VCC) Supply: 11.8 - 12.1V (used to power the relay coils)
  • Programmer controlled Target Discharge Circuit
    The programmer can automatically discharge any residual charge on the Target System to guarantee that the Target Vcc reaches 0V.
  • Simple ATE / Test Fixture Integration
    Designed to interface to any ATE, ICT or Test Fixture
  • Special ATE version available with RELAY isolation (option)
    All programmer ISP and power signals are galvanically isolated via relays.
  • Firmware upgradeable
    New algorithms and features can be added via a simple firmware upgrade.
  • Compact ergonomic enclosure

    • Programmer measures only 10.6cm x 8.2cm x 3.6cm
    • Ergonomic design supports the maximum packing density of programmers
    • Ideal for integrating multiple programmers into Test Fixtures for programming PCB Panels
    • Optional Mounting Bracket available

    Programmer – Target I/O Signals

    The ISPnano features the following programmable signal lines which interface the programmer and the Target IC(s) to be programmed on the Target System:
    • 5 x Programmable Input / Output lines
    • 1 x Programmable Output only line

    • Multiplexed 2-wire interface Port supporting:
       - I2C Port (Two Wire Interface)
       - XMEGA PDI Port (DATA & CLOCK)
       - ATtiny

    • 1 x Dedicated RESET pin with user-defineable push-pull control
    1 x Programmable 32.771 kHz Oscillator Output for Oscillator Calibration on Programmer I/O1 pin
    • Each I/O signal line is independently switched to / galvanically isolated from the Target System using a high-quality relay under programmer control.

    Galvanic isolation of programming and power signals

    The ISPnano Series III ATE features an in-built 'Relay Switching Card' which allows the programmer to automatically switch all ISP I/O signal and power lines from the Target System either to the programmer Line Driver Circuitry or to an external ATE or ICT system.

    • Each ISP signal I/O line is independently switched via a high quality gold-plated signal relay
    • All power lines (Target Vcc, Target Vpp and GROUND) are independently switched via relays.
    • The ATE / ICT is routed to the Target system by default and the programmer is completely isolated.
    • When a programming operation starts, the Target System ISP I/O and power signals  are automatically switched to the programmer and the ATE / ICT is then completely isolated from the programmer.
    • At the end of a programming operation, the Target System is automatically re-connected to the ATE / ICT.

    Front Panel view

    Target Connectors

    Programmer Power and Communications Connectors


    Connector Name

    Description / comment


    DC Power Input

    DC Power Input to power the programmer


    Relay Vcc

    DC Power Input for Relay coils


    Programmer STATUS LEDs

    Programmer ‘Status’ LEDs


    RS485 Ports

    RS485 Ports (1) + (2) - Serial Communications Ports



    USB Port (mini-USB connector)


    RS232 Port (2)
    or Remote Display Keypad

    RS232 Port (2) - Serial Communications Port

    Programmer Power Supplies

    The ISPnano features the following on-board power supplies:
    1 x Programmable Target Vcc Supply: 1.2 - 5.0V @ 300mA
    • 1 x Programmable Target Vpp Supply: 5.8 - 13.5V @ 100mA
    • 1 x External Vcc Voltage Supply: (11.8V - 12.1V) @ 300mA (used to power the relay coils)

    Power Supply features:
    • Wide power supply input voltage range: 9.0V to 24.0V
    • Short-circuit protected outputs
    • Fast rise-time with enhanced current pumping capability to fast charge any capacitance on the Target System.
    • Each power supply output (Vcc and Vpp) can be user-calibrated to a very accurate "spot voltage"
    • Switchable Target Discharge Circuit - provides a fast discharge method for any capacitance on the Target System.
    • Voltage measurement - supports measurement of Target Voltage, Line Driver Voltage and one External Voltage (1.2V - 30.0V)
    • Current measurement - supports measurement of Target current on switch-on.

    Host Control connectivity (Communications Ports)

    • 1 x High-speed USB Port (mini-USB connector)
    • 1 x RS232 Serial Port
    • 1 x RS485 IN/OUT port – supports up to 32 programmers on an RS485 network (gang programming)
    • 4-wire TTL Remote Control Port
    • Remote Keypad / Display (ideal for standalone control in a Test Fixture)

    Gang / network programming support

    • Up to 32 programmers can be networked via a RS485 bus and then controlled from a single PC COM port.
    • Compact size and network option allows up to 32 programmers to be mounted even in small fixtures.
    • Multiple programmers can be controlled via the ConsoleEDS or ISP-PRO software utilities.

    Standalone Programming Operation (no PC)

    The ISPnano programmer is capable of operating in ‘Standalone Mode’ i.e. without PC Control. In this mode a single 'Programming Project' or a set of 'Chained Projects' can be triggered using an external event. The programmer can be triggered to start a programming sequence using any of the following methods:

    [START] button on front panel
    4-wire TTL Remote control Port (Ideal for ATE Remote Control)
    Target 'Load Sensing' Detection
    • Test Fixture 'Lid Switch Sensing' (closes to start programming)
    Remote Keypad / Display mounted on the top of the Test Fixture 

    Device Support Libraries

    To keep the overall system cost as low as possible, the ISPnano comes with no devices supported as standard. You can then simply purchase the Device Libraries you require for your application from the list below.

    - AVR microcontroller SPI algorithms: AT90S, AT90CAN, AT90USB, ATtiny, ATmega, ATmegaRF
    - AVR microcontroller JTAG algorithms: AT90CAN, AT90USB, ATmega, ATmegaRF
    - ATtiny AVR microcontroller TPI algorithms: ATtiny TPI

    - AT91SAM7 ARM microcontroller JTAG algorithms: AT91SAM7S, AT91SAM7SE, AT91SAM7X, AT91SAM7XC, AT91SAM7L, AT91SAM7A
    - ATXMEGA microcontroller JTAG algorithms (due Q2 2010)
    - ATXMEGA microcontroller PDI algorithms
    - AT45D Serial DataFLASH algorithms (due Q2 2010)

    - Zensys - Z-Wave: ZW0102, ZW0201, ZW0301

    All manufacturers
    - 24xxx Serial EEPROM algorithms (all manufacturers)


    Device Support (by manufacturer)

    This product supports devices from the manufacturers listed below:
    Atmel Corporation
    Exel Semiconductor (Rohm)
    Holtek Semiconductor
    IC Microsystems
    NXP (Philips)
    ON Semiconductors (Catalyst)
    Seiko Instruments
    Sigma Designs


    Please note:
    Not all devices may be supported within a family.
    Please see the Detailed Device Support List for a list of all devices which the product supports.


    Ordering Information...

    ISPnano Series 4 ATE - Programmer Kit
    This is a full ISPnano Series 4 ATE programming kit which includes the programmer, IO-MOD2 Connector board, power supply and all connector and communications cables.
    Manufacturer:  Equinox Technologies
    Order Code:  ISPnano-S4ATEKIT
    Quantity Price (GBP) [Excl. VAT]
    1 - 4
    5 - 9
    10 - 24
    25 and above

    72 in stock

    For further information about related products, please see the Overview Product.

    Product Information
    Product:  ISPnano Series 4 ATE - Programmer Kit
    Manufacturer:  Equinox Technologies
    Order Code:  ISPnano-S4ATEKIT
    Availability:  72 in stock
    Price:   604.00 (GBP)
     [Excl. VAT]
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