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EQTools Version 1 - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Equinox Programmers


EQTools is a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which supports the latest Equinox device programmers as detailed below. The IDE coordinates the building and uploading of 'Programming Projects' to a programmer. A powerful 'Development Suite' called 'EDS' allows Programming Projects to be debugged before they are uploaded to the programmer.

The IDE also features 'Script Builder' component which supports compilation of 'Programming Scripts' which can be executed within the Equinox 'ISP-PRO' production software.

EQTools software components:
- Project Builder
- Project Manager
- Project Upload / Download Wizard
- Equinox Development Suite (EDS)
- Script Builder/Wizard
- Script Wizard

EQTools supports the following Equinox programmers:
- EPSILON5 MKII, FS200A, PPM3, PRO101/104/108

This is the older version of EQTools. Please see EQTools Version 2 for the latest version.


Powerful project-based IDE with full version control, CRC data-integrity checking & log file output
Projects are upwards compatible with Equinox Production ISP Systems e.g. PRO101
Fully compliant with Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT
Integrates with most popular development IDE’s including AVR Studio, IAR, Imagecraft ICCAVR & Keil
Automatic adjustment of FLASH/EEPROM write times and SPI frequency with target voltage and oscillator
Supports most RESET circuit configurations by virtue of fully programmable statemachine for entering programming mode
Supports interactive read/write of all the FLASH/EEPROM areas, Fuse and Lock bits
Supports both pre-erase and pre-lock fuse writes in AVR devices for clock configuration purposes
Supports automatic internal/external oscillator reconfiguration of ATmega163
Supports automatic calibration of ATmega163, ATtiny12/15 Internal RC Oscillator
Supports AVR EEPROM data retention after an ERASE operation (PC Controlled Mode only)
FREE software updates for existing devices via the Equinox web site
Compatible with Epsilon5, FS2000A, PRO101, PPM3 programmers

Device Support (by family)

This product supports devices from the families listed below:
Atmel Corporation:
  • AT89(L)S - 8051 FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • AT90S AVR  - FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • ATmega AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • ATtiny AVR - FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • T89C51 - 8051 ISP FLASH Microcontroller Family
NXP (Philips):
  • P89C51Rx2 - 8051 FLASH Microcontroller Family
  • P89C66x - 8051 FLASH Microcontroller Family


Please note:
Not all devices may be supported within a family.
Please see the Detailed Device Support List for a list of all devices which the product supports.


This product has been discontinued. Please refer to the Replacement Product instead:

EQTools Version 2 - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Equinox Programmers
EQTools Version 2 - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Equinox Programmers
Manufacturer:  Equinox Technologies
Discontinued Product
This product has been discontinued and replaced by the following product(s):
EQTools Version 2 - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Equinox Programmers >>
Device Support
Device Support List
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