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The ISPnano Series 4 programmer is designed to accept a single user-replaceable ‘I/O Connector Module’. This plug-in connection module concept allows a DUT to connect to the module instead of the programmer directly. In the event of a programmer failure, the module can simply be unplugged from the programmer and then programmer replaced without having to re-wire the fixture.

A range of different ‘I/O Connector Modules’ are available for use with the ISPnano programmer range. These modules are designed to suit different target devices, connection methods, signal routing requirements etc



ISPnano Interchangeable I/O Connector Modules
IOMOD Accessories

ISPnano Interchangeable I/O Connector Modules

Click on the image of the IOMOD that you are interested in to get more information.




IOMOD Accessories

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 17 April 2012:
ISPnano-MUX - Multi channel multiplexed ISP Programming System >>
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